About TheVR


TheVR was founded in 2013 and covers the intersection of the latest technologies, virtual reality and games. TheVR is the No. 1 gaming and Tech channel in Hungary.

TheVR on YouTube


We love games

In October, 2013 we created our first channel (TheVR) with virtual reality and standard gameplays in the main focus. Since than we cover almost the whole game industry. From indie titles to AAA. Our viewers can always find the latest content and interesting games on our channel. Now we have more than 800 videos, 500.000 subscribers and ~6-9 million monthly views. With these numbers we are the Top 3 most subscribed and trending YouTube channel in Hungary.

We love technology

In July, 2014 we created our second channel. TheVR Tech is mainly about the latest technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, PC hardwares and everything important and exciting. We make reviews about these products. The goal is to provide a professional hands-on feeling to our viewers. TheVR Tech is now the largest and most popular Tech channel in Hungary with more than 210.000 subcribers and ~1.000.000 monthly views.

TheVR on Twitch

In October, 2016 we have started our daily livestreams on Twitch. We are live twice a day. There is a morning gaming talkshow, called TheVR Happy Hour starts at 08:30 (GMT+1) and a variety walkthrough stream starts at 14:00 (GMT+1). On every Wednesday we play with a multiplayer game with our viewers.
We are now the No. 1 Twitch channel in Hungary with nearly 100.000 followers and 3.000+ average concurrent viewers.

Who we are working with?

Press Releases





  • We have reached the 100.000 and 200.000 subscriber goal on YouTube


  • TheVR Tech was nominated for the Best Tech YouTube channel in “Golden VLOG” organized by YouTube Hungary. TheVR Tech won three awards: Best Tech Channel in Hungary, Viewer’s Choice Award and Special Awarad.
  • We have organized the first Virtual Reality event in Hungary, VR Day.

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