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Gaming Channel on YouTube

In October, 2013 we created our first channel (TheVR) with virtual reality and standard gameplays in the main focus. Since than we cover almost the whole game industry. From indie titles to AAA. Our viewers can always find the latest content and interesting games on our channel. Now we have more than 1000 videos, 700.000+ subscribers. With these numbers we are the Top 5 most subscribed YouTube channel in Hungary.

We love technology

In July, 2014 we created our second channel. TheVR Tech is mainly about the latest technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, PC hardwares and everything important and exciting. We make reviews about these products. The goal is to provide a professional hands-on feeling to our viewers. TheVR Tech is now the largest and most popular Tech channel in Hungary with 330.000+ subcribers and ~1.000.000 monthly views.


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